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3 Steps to Overcome Sexual Temptations + 27 Encouraging Bible Verses to Stay Pure

Sexual desires and feelings are a natural part of being a human. These desires are hard-wired into us; it is normal to want intimacy with another. However, the Biblical outlines for this type of intimacy is clear: within a marriage covenant. For us single ladies or even those who are in relationships waiting to get married, abstaining from […] Read more…

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45 Bible Verses to Build Your Faith When You Feel Distant from God

As believers, we all go through times where we don’t feel as close to God as we’d like to. We feel distant, and to say the least, it is not a comfortable feeling. Feeling distant may come as a result of sin in your life; perhaps you’ve slipped into sin and haven’t spent much time with God because you feel […] Read more…

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Born Again: 7 Signs of a Born Again Christian

This topic has been weighing heavy on my heart lately. So many people these days think they are saved, when they are not. Too many call themselves Christians, yet the way they live their life will say differently. How can we tell who is really born again, and who isn’t? How are we supposed to know if […] Read more…

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S.T.O.P Mnemonic – Overcome Sin & Temptations in Your Life + 20 Encouraging Bible Verses

Are you struggling with sin or temptations in your life? If you are, you aren’t alone! We will all stumble from time to time. Maybe some of you are struggling with an addiction, like smoking cigarettes. Maybe you struggle with gossiping or lying. You could be struggling with lust or drunkenness. Whatever you may struggle with, know […] Read more…

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25 Bible Verses to Hide in Your Heart When You Feel Afraid

We all get scared sometimes. Whether it be fear over the unknown, what the future holds, fear of safety in a fallen world, fear of death, or even something like being scared of the dark, God tells us several times throughout the Bible to not be afraid. As human beings, we easily fall into the trap […] Read more…

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14 Bible Verses to Overcome Temptation

As humans, we all face different kinds of temptations in our life. Some of us struggle with past addictions and have to resist temptations falling back into those addictions, such as drinking or drugs. You could struggle with temptations of a sexual sort, or even just temptations to follow the world, or get revenge on someone who […] Read more…

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