The Problem

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile now, you’ve probably read about why I believe modesty is so important as a Christian woman in a world that glorifies sex appeal and risqué clothing. And if you’re a millennial like me, you probably know that the struggle can be real to find cute but modest clothing. It can be hard to find tops with hems that aren’t cropped or necklines that aren’t too low. It can be tough to find dresses and skirts that aren’t suggestive, too tight or too short. If we do find a stylish skirt that is longer, such as a maxi skirt, many have slits that go nearly all the way up our legs- cancelling out the modesty of its length (literally the story of my life!). What’s a girl to do when the trend and style in our society is provocative, leaving little room for truly modest pieces? Shopping for affordable, feminine, and fashionable modest clothing in 2017 can at times feel like a hunt for a needle in a haystack.

A Solution

That’s why I want to share with you ladies a clothing company that is specifically made for women who want to dress modestly without compromising style or money. Cleo Madison is run by Elizabeth Morgan and her husband, Adam. Elizabeth got fed up with trying to find modest clothing and decided to start her own boutique, Cleo Madison.

At Cleo Madison, you can find a large selection of modest dresses, skirts, tops, and swimwear that are all cute and affordable.


The Bree Floral Dress

One of my favorite items from their store is the Bree Floral Dress . The material is super soft and so comfy that I literally feel like I’m wearing pajamas all day. It’s a gorgeous dusty blue color accented with a pink rose pattern detailing the entire dress. It’s completely modest, feminine, and stylish! This dress is versatile enough to dress it up or dress it down. For a more put-together look, pair it with a tailored cardigan or blazer. To get a more casual, effortless look, this dress looks great all by itself or paired with a flowy longline cardigan. It’s perfect for spring and summer, but would also be super cute in the fall and winter paired with a sweater, tights, and boots. This dress is officially a staple in my closet!


The Bree Floral Dress is a short-sleeved, midi-length, fit and flare style. It currently comes in the sizes small, medium, and large (I wear a small for size reference). My favorite thing about this dress is that it’s very flattering but still really comfortable. Many fit-and-flare styles require a zipper in order to be able to actually get them on and the material can sometimes feel a bit stiff and uncomfortable. This dress is made of a soft knit material, so it’s very stretchy and easy to get on, just like slipping on a t-shirt!


I could seriously wear this dress everyday. Plus, it has pockets! What girl doesn’t love a dress with pockets? Most of Cleo Madison’s dresses have pockets, which is awesome! Sisters, if you’re looking for cute, modest clothing and haven’t checked out Cleo Madison yet, I highly recommend them. The owners are so nice and super helpful, so if you have any questions about any of the products or need sizing help, you can always contact them. They have free shipping on all orders in the United States, plus you can sign up with your email to get a coupon for 10% off your first order! Go show them some love!

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