As women, we tend to get insecure. We get stressed out, we worry, we over-think things (I know I definitely have those days!). It’s a natural human thing, but what if we really worked at living in full confidence of who we are in Christ? What if we really let ourselves bask in the truth of what He says, instead of what our minds or others in this world tell us? God says we are loved. We are beautiful and special. We are His children. He says He will take care of us. When we really allow ourselves to grasp who we are in Christ, things start to change. When we rely on His truth rather than our own fears, doubts, and insecurities, we will find His joy and peace that surpasses all understanding.

Let’s take a look at 3 essential truths to walk in confidence that every woman needs to know.

3 Essential Truths to Walk in Confidence That Every Woman Needs to Know


1. You Are Loved & Cared For

“Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten before God. Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows.” – Luke 12:6-7

“You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.” – Psalm 56:8

Luke 12:6-7 and Psalm 56:8 are some of my favorite passages about God’s love. Of course, there are so many great scriptures about His great love for us! But these always seems to really put it in perspective for me. God looks after the sparrows, He doesn’t forget a single one! No matter what you’re going through, there is no one better to have by your side than God, no one better you can trust! There is no one better to go to with all your pain, your heartache, and your worries than the Most High God, the God who counts every tear that has fallen from your eyes and knows all your sorrows. The God who created you, watches over you, died for you, and loves you deeply.

Sister, stop for a moment and really let that sink in… the God and Creator of the entire universe numbers each and every hair on your head. He keeps record of all your sorrows and every tear that has ever fallen from your eyes. He loves and cares for the sparrows, how much more so does He love and care for you.

2. You are Beautiful & Precious to God

For You formed my inward parts; You knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are Your works; my soul knows it very well.” – Psalm 139:13-14

“Because you are precious in My eyes, and honored, and I love you,” – Isaiah 43:4

You are God’s handiwork. His own hands formed and sculpted you! You are fearfully and wonderfully made by the King of Kinds and Lord of Lords! How amazing is that? God does not make mistakes. You are one of a kind! You were made special and unique, and you are so precious in His sight! When someone tries to bring you down, remind yourself of whom you belong to and who created you. You are loved and so beautiful to Him.

3. You are a Daughter of the King & He is Always with You

“Even as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before Him. In love He predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of His will,” – Ephesians 1:4-5

“Even to your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am He who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.” – Isaiah 46:4

Before you were ever born, you were on God’s mind. He was thinking of you. He loved you already! Out of love, He called you to be His daughter! You are a child of the one true God, sister. He says He will never leave us or forsake us. He promises to be with us through everything.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.” – Deuteronomy 31:6

There is never a moment that God is not with you. He knows everything you’re going through, and He sees it all. Nothing is hidden from Him (Hebrews 14:3). Whether you’re out getting coffee or groceries, He sees you. When you’re at your lowest, He sees you. He hears you. When you’re down on your knees crying to Him, He is right there next to you. He is always there.

Awhile back, when I was talking with a friend about how I was getting scared of everything going on in the world, how I was afraid of something happening to me. He looked at me and asked “if you could see Jesus standing right next to you, would you be afraid?” When he asked me that, it really made me think and it is something that has stuck with me. Even though we can’t physically see Jesus with us, He is there. He is with you always.

Our God is a good, good Father. And what does a good father do? He watches over his children. He listens to them fully. He protects them. He helps them in times of need. He walks them through trials and difficulties. He bandages up their wounds when they get hurt. He comforts them. He guides them and gives them wisdom, and helps them to understand things. He forgives them when they mess up. When they fall down, he helps them get back up. He loves them more than his own life.

This is the way Jesus loves us. He watches over us. He listens to us. He protects us. He helps us in times of need. He walks us through trials and difficulties. He bandages up our wounds. He comforts us. He guides us and gives us wisdom and understanding. He forgives us endlessly when we mess up, His mercies are new every morning. When we stumble and fall, He helps up get back up and strengthens us. He loves us more than His own life, and that’s why He selflessly gave His up to die in our place for our sins so we could be with Him for eternity in Heaven someday.

You are His daughter, and He loves you so much. He is always with you. No matter what you’re going through, He is with you and He will never leave you.

Walk in His love. Walk in His truth. Walk in the confidence of knowing you are His child and nothing can take that away from you! May God bless you, sweet sister.

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